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The iPhone 5 Damage Report: Two Months Later
The iPhone 5 isn’t the biggest or fastest, but it’s held up to physical standards of perfection that make the immaculate womb of Mary look like amateur hour.
The phone is supposed to be a consummate beauty. But after two months of constant use, it’s already showing wear and tear. Scratch-phobes, beware.
Below are two phones with very different lifestyles. One is a bit scratched up since launch day, one isn’t. There’s my phone, which was purchased on launch day,
and has never known the touch of a case. I carry it in my pocket, or sometimes toss it in a bag with other stuff, every single day.
The other (control) phone belongs to a coworker whose phone has been locked in a case from the day it was picked up at the end of September.
So let’s take a very close look. Just how vulnerable is the iPhone 5?




By とる